How To Stop Checking Pinterest More Than Our Bibles

“ I’m just so tired.”

“I mean God wants me to rest right?”

“It isn’t fair for me to do devotions if I’m not going to really focus on God.”

“I’ll just do a big devotion time tomorrow.”

Excuses. We’ve all used these same excuses at some point on our faith journey to avoid and make ourselves feel ok about not spending time with God. We all have such busy schedules that sometimes it can feel almost impossible to make time for God each and every day. But how is it that we make time to work out every day? How is it that we make time to scour Pinterest for an hour every evening? How is it that we make time to keep hitting the, “I’m still here, “button on Netflix? We can’t go two minutes without responding to our friend on Snapchat but when the God of the universe starts demanding our attention we find every excuse in the book to not give in.

I think as Christians we get stuck believing the lie that our devotions have to be a certain way or involve certain things for them to be able to bring glory to God. But the key thing about spending time with God is that it’s anything that helps us to glorify Him and bring us closer to Him. Maybe you’ve felt the urge to draw nearer to Christ at a church service singing meaningful lyrics. Maybe you feel connected to God every time you see a sunset or take in the glory of His creation outside. Maybe the only way you can feel connected to God is through journaling and quietness.

“ God has given each of you a variety of spiritual gifts. Use them to serve one another well,” 1 Peter 4:10-11

Just like the verse above states, God knows and understands more than anyone else that we are all created differently, uniquely. God has a unique time He wants to spend with you each and every day that is unlike any other. Some Christians find it hard to sit still and soak in God’s presence on a regular basis.  They feel like they’ve failed because their mind is going a hundred directions when they should be praying. It dusty-biblecan be frustrating because many of our friends and members of our churches seem to worship in the same way, and we are left feeling like that means our faith isn’t as real. There is nothing further from the truth.

Over this summer my congregation was encouraged to take a test to show what ways we enjoy getting to know God( I attached the link below!)  Some examples of the questions we had to rank were things like, “I draw near to God when I am helping other people,” or “I would nothing more than to read a book about God for hours.” It was really interesting because I was able to learn that many things could be ways to worship Christ that I had never realized before.

For instance, I love to be encouraging and help other people. I didn’t realize that could be a way to worship God. Or for the people I know who love nature, taking a simple nature hike and praying could be the best way they glorify God. I had to start praying out loud during my times of devotion because when I tried to pray silently, my mind went in a thousand different directions and created endless to-do lists. I also started journaling, because I found that when I was frustrated with God it wasn’t easy to pray about it, but I could write about it.

The important thing to remember is that no devotion or worship style is better or worse than any other. It’s whatever is going to allow you to have that intimate time with the Savior of the universe that both you and He are craving. We need to be consistent about spending time in His word but other than that, our time to worship God is 100% our own.

We all struggle with finding time with God but instead of being lazy and letting these tiny idols control our day, let’s give up some things to give more to God. Worship time is about quality over quantity, so don’t be discouraged if you only start by spending 10 minutes every day with God. As you pray for Him to fill you and thirst for Him more, I guarantee that 10 minutes will become longer and longer.  Because let’s be honest, if we can find time to check Instagram five times a day we can find 10 minutes to spend with God.

He loves you so much and He is waiting for you to come to Him. God gives us plenty of freedom but He does ask for one thing, that we give Him all of us. All the tiny insecurities, all the sins we don’t want to admit, all the disappointments we have in ourselves, all the tears we’ve cried, and all the times we rejoiced. He wants it all. He is the only thing that can truly see all that we are and still adore us. So what are you waiting for? Jump into spending more time with God today.

Worship Test!


One thought on “How To Stop Checking Pinterest More Than Our Bibles

  1. This is honestly one of my favs of yours—especially love that you included the link and made mention of specific ways to worship outside of the box. So proud of you and so challenged to be better at my own devos thanks to this.

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