Desiring His Plan

“ Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” This has often been the first verse I would turn to when I felt like God wasn’t remembering how I wanted my life to go.  I had always looked at this verse and thought that God wasn’t giving me what I wanted now, but right there was evidence that He one day would provide me with what I wanted.  I had been so focused on God giving me what I wanted that I had neglected to realize that this verse was anything but about what I wanted. It is about what God wants and Gods desires for us.

Recently, I have not done such a great job of realizing or even thinking about what God wants or desires for me. Frankly it’s just not something I think about. As a college student sometimes my days are so full of meetings, requirements, homework, and friends that it’s hard to remember to listen for God’s voice. It’s too easy to be selfish; to have my mind be so focused on this month in front of me instead of thinking about the big plan. Am I doing all I can to glorify God every day? I don’t know that I am. I truly believe that everyone has a story worth knowing, but often I fail to take the time to ask the girl I’m brushing my teeth beside how her day was in the bathroom.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to waste my time worrying about what I want anymore, I want to worry about what God asks and desires of me.  We can do this by praying to God for guidance and asking Him to tune our hearts to His. This is most certainly not an easy thing to pray because God’s desires for us can take us into uncharted territories or call us to do things that make us feel uncomfortable. But aren’t we called to more? Aren’t we called to be lights and to be strong? God will never give us anything we can’t handle or ask something of us that will cause us to fail.

My goal is for each day to get a little closer to recognizing God’s voice, and what He is desiring for me to do that particular day, amidst the craziness of a college cafeteria or the buzzing crowd of girls on my floor. And the next time that my plans for myself are not fulfilled I will turn to this verse, but not for comfort that one day God will reward me, but with the hope that one day my desires and His desires will be so in tune with each other that I will no longer doubt. Because at the end of some of my very long days I know He is the one who has it figured out.


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