Are You a Christian Only On Sundays?

Isn’t it funny to think about how easy it was to be a Christian when we were younger? How we were always the first ones to blurt out the answers in Sunday school, and inviting friends to church camps was second nature. Then around 7th and 8th grade we became embarrassed. We stopped declaring our faith and decided that is someone asked us about it,  of course we would tell them we’re Christians, but only if they ask.  Then we start high school, and we are presented with all new challenges that come with being a Christian. Our friends begin to drink until they throw up and have sex with anything that is available, and we find ourselves struggling to find that balance between being cool and not rejecting everything we’ve ever believed in.

I think that in today’s society there are far too many Christians that are becoming what a friend of mine once called, “Sunday Christians.” We all have those friends or have ourselves been that person who is there without fail Sunday morning singing the hymns with mom and dad, but Saturday night are singing a much different tune with a much crassier crowd. How can we stick to our morals when no one else is following them? Haven’t you ever felt like there was too much pressure to simply be the good girl?

Matthew 5:14 states, “ You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.”

How much truth there is in that one verse. We are called by Gods to be lights in our schools, jobs, colleges, and society. We are set apart and called to be different. Our culture does not need any more people who don’t stick to their morals or stray from the path. It needs a culture filled with people who are ready to love the broken, not be the broken.

So how can we do that?

  1. We need to stick to what God’s word tells us to be true. By honoring His commandments, by not getting drunk when all our friends are, by befriending that kid that everyone thinks is weird.
  2. We need to not be judgmental. I completely understand, and struggle daily with how hard it is to not compare yourself to others or just judge someone for the choices they’ve made. But that is not our place. After all, none of us want to be that Christian that discourages our non-Christians from coming to faith.
  3. Become friends with non-Christians. I know that this might sound a little strange, and I’m not saying to hang out with them on the weekends or always be with them, but I’m saying embrace and make friends with people who are different than you. There are too many Christians who are all too content to sit back and not associate with people who have ever done anything they deem as unforgiveable, but that is not how Jesus lived. He ate with the lowest of the lows, the tax collectors, the whores, the sick. Why would we lead the seeing and not the blind?
  4. We need to encourage our friends who are Christians. If we see one of our friends straying or feel like we ourselves are straying, it is our duty to be there for them. Not judging or gossiping about them, but with love.

At the end of the day it comes down to one simple question: Do you want to be a leader for God or do you want to follow the crowd?


2 thoughts on “Are You a Christian Only On Sundays?

  1. Dear christiangirlcode: Admittedly I am a guy but I still am able to relate very well to this post. You brought up many points that are both true, and as a result, often hard to come to terms with. When I was young, it was very easy for me to tell people to follow Christ. I once told a carpenter who did a project at my house, “You should become a Christian, it’s really easy.” He just kind of looked at me and smirked. I realize now just how difficult it is to obey God and deny the many pleasures the world throws at us daily.

    Ultimately you asked the right question, what’s more rewarding at the end of the day? I know the answer is to be a leader for God, it’s just a matter of focus and staying on tract. Thank you for your insight and advice.


  2. I know your blog is targeted towards girls, but I think this is an important point for everyone. Growing up presents a lot of tougher challenges than the ones we faced as children that challenge our faith considerably. It can be very tough at times, but it’s good to remember to keep God as are focus and our stronghold.

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