Good things come to those who wait?


By far the hardest virtue to possess would have to be patience, and I do not believe that in my 18 years on Earth I have ever been remotely close to attaining this goal. Patience is just something I find rather lacking from my DNA, and anyone that knows me knows that I can barely wait for my friends to run back and grab their ID’s when a bunch of us are ready to go to dinner at my college, let alone wait for God’s timing for my life. No one likes to wait; especially in our internet driven world where many answers are easily at our fingertips, it seems like no one really has to. As a self-proclaiming control freak, I can honestly say that there are many things about my life I wish that God would just let me have or give me the answers to. Like for instance, when my future husband is going to come into the picture? Or what he wants me to do with my degree after I have finished college?  Yet, I am still no closer to having these questions answered than the Steelers are to winning the Superbowl this year.

One thing that can be of great consolation throughout our frustrating period of waiting for God’s timing would be what The Bible says about the subject. In chapter 8  of Ecclesiastes verses 5-6 it says,

“Whoever obeys his commands will come to no harm, and the wise heart will know the proper time and procedure. For there is a proper time and procedure for everything, though a person may be weighed down with misery.”

While that verse is rather bleak, it does capture a lot of the things I feel while I am waiting for God to provide me with answers. I may not be miserable but I sure am frustrated. Sometimes I just want to yell at God “Is it my turn yet? Because it seems like everyone else seems to have it all figured out.”

Romans 5:6 reads “You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.”

Jeremiah 29:11 “ For I know the plans I have for you”, declares The Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope in a future.”

After hearing these verses it dawns on me that although I may not know what God is doing in my life right now, I can have faith that, that is the way God wants and intended it to be. All this waiting has helped me to trust God more because I know more than anything that He is a God who provides. Why should I waste my time worrying about boys liking me or if I am taking the right classes? He is the God of the universe and He is in more control of my future in a moment than I would like to think I am in a lifetime.

I once heard it illustrated that our life is like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and we are watching it from a room on Fifth Avenue. The room has only one window and it does not allow us to lean out, so we can only see the parade as it is right in front of our eyes, we cannot see what is in front or behind us. God, however, is like parade manager, he sets all the floats up in the order they are supposed to go and takes great care to ensure that everything is in its proper place. When we are watching the Macy’s Day parade, do we ever question the order or think why would the parade manager set it up that way? No, we trust that he knows how to do his job; so why it is so hard to trust that God knows how to do His job?

I think that Joyce Meyer put it best, “Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

Talk about an inspiring quote. Cue light bulb flicking on, so that is what God wants us to do while we are waiting, first be content with what we have. I think sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in feeling sorry for ourselves that we overlook all the little blessings that God has placed right in front of our eyes. Secondly, seek him out, we are never going to get anywhere pouting about not having answers; we need to constantly be seeking God and wisdom, which leads to understanding. I am a hundred and ten percent certain that God will provide you with the answers you are looking for, he has done it countless times in my own life. The kicker is He does so on His terms and on His timing, not ours. So the next time you are ready to pull your hair out or scream loudly into a pillow because you have had it up to here with all this waiting, just remember that God has already planned every aspect of your life out. All this seemingly tedious waiting is nothing more than an ingredient that is necessary to complete the perfect dessert that will one day become our futures.


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