Introducing Confidence Shot

So recently I have been trying to think of ways to spice up my blog and add some new elements to it. I was struck with a great idea, what I like to call confidence shot, or just a weekly bible verse or inspirational quote that can help get all of us through the day. Because let’s be honest we all need some encouragement, and sometimes just a little dose( or shot) as I have dubbed it is all we need to get through yet another stressful day. This week for confidence shot I have the picture below that I found on Pinterest. Not gonna lie it totally struck me as I was completely dozing off while taking a break from studying. One thing I have definitely have needed reminded of lately would be God’s never ending love for me and not putting as much worth into pleasing others. This quote is just a great thing to turn to when you are doubting if God is even caring that you are stressed or cares how your day is going. He loves you so much and even the most insignificant thing about your day has not only been planned in advance but is important to him. God loves you so much that he could listen to you talk all day and not get bored, so don’t ever neglect to share your burdens with him.Image So I hope this morning, or afternoon, or whenever you take the time to read this post ( which I’m so glad you did!) that you realize God’s amazing love for you and take some time to talk with him about it today.


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