Girl Code?

So I’m pretty sure unless someone has been forcing your head under a rock for the past couple of months, or you don’t watch TV, you’ve heard of the new MTV series Girl Code. But just in case you haven’t, on Girl Code they have a bunch of super hilarious, female comedians giving advice on everything from cheaters to how to put on makeup. The truth is, though, the more I watched Girl Code the more I realized that some of their advice isn’t something I would want to tell my teenage daughter.

It just makes me so upset sometimes that magazines like Seventeen have sections dedicated to slutty things to wear and how to not get an STD while on vacation. The saddest part is that some girls are brainwashed into believing that this is ok and have no idea there are better ways to live. I feel like as Christians it’s our duty to reach Non-Christians by the way we behave. The heartbreaking thing is that not very many actual Christians are living the way Jesus would want them to because they have been corrupted by all the negative things in the media. Hence, why I decided to start this blog, I’ve always wanted to but haven’t really had the guts, if I’m being honest,  until recently. I just feel that there should be a place where I, as a Christian girl, can talk about a more religious twist on the topics discussed on Girl Code. The motto on the show is that we can’t learn a lesson without living it. False. God already gave us a handbook to survive life as a girl–it’s called the Bible and with its information we don’t have to “live” any lessons to learn them.


One thought on “Girl Code?

  1. Awesome post! I’ve “followed” you on wordpress! I can’t wait to see what else you will share with us on your blog!

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